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With Gooey.AI, every company is an AI company.
We make Generative AI radically simple. From idea to product in minutes with no code. Find, tweak and fork AI recipes to your own website or app. All from one billing account to access:
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& much more


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Give an email ID and Gooey will embed your subscribers face into any scene you choose! Plug in this API on your website, app or Social Media account to engage your people easy-peasy!

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Create a personality script, choose a voice and a video. Ask your bot any question and get a video response! Imagine your bot talking to your community - we make that radically simple.


Pick a voice, upload a video, add a script and render a DeepFake video in under 10 seconds. Boom!

Instant Deployment


Demo your idea to your team in 5 mins and integrate with your product in an hour

Run public or your own private recipes as an API directly!

curl -s -X POST \

-d '{"version": "...", "input": {"image": ""}}' \

-H "Authorization: Token $GOOEY_API_TOKEN" \

-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \


Recipes are built of composable blocks in Gooey.AI. Here's a sample of our most interesting ingredients.

  1. Intelligent Text: Manipulate any text with the best LLMs.

  2. LipSync: Move lips to any audio track

  3. Image from Text: DallE + Stable Diffusion

  4. Improve a Face: Clean up any face

  5. Social Lookup: Get a Photo from an Email

  6. Connect to any REST API: Call any API

  7. Auto-Mask: Cut out the product from an image

  8. Mask a Face: Find the face in an image

  9. Speak in any Voice: Talk like a celebrity

  10. Send Email: Send an Email with custom content

  11. Speech Recognition: Transcribe video or audio

  12. Text to Animation: PS message

  13. Product Placement: Your product with realistic backgrounds

Publish your Recipe

Create or tweak recipes and then publish them privately or publicly. Every recipe can be called with a simple REST API and an API_KEY.

Want to create a new recipe? Join our Discord, tell us what you have in mind and we'll set you up.


Wanna know which tool is best for your particular need? Try them out head to head!​

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Why Gooey?

  • One billing account to rule them all 

  • Stitch your custom API pipelines to link together AI tools without any code

  • Inspectable no-code recipes. See how others are making amazing stuff 

  • Transparent & simple. No more inscrutable Google Colab notebooks 

  • Connect your site and apps to hundreds of APIs or your own

  • Republish your solution as an API 

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